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We're beginning an important new journey for Endpoint Theatre that better fulfills our mission of collaboration and innovation. Beginning in 2013, we will be launching the first in a series of productions that are highly improvisational - something new for musical theatre. Starting with CHRONIC MALCONTENTS in March, the actors and audience will be active participants in the creative process - interacting with the subject matter through situations, movement and song. It's a new kind of theatre and we hope you enjoy the results!

Can musical theatre be recaptured as an art form?

Endpoint Theatre believes that musical theatre has diverged into two categories: large elaborate productions that are successful because they are well-financed, formulaic, derivative and entertaining; and small struggling shows that depend too much on gimmickry or shock value in order to gain notoriety in the hopes of becoming large productions. In this environment, it is as difficult for original work with a message and artistic merit to be produced as it is for a new novel to be published. The result is that musical theatre as an art form is being held hostage by the belief that, in order to attract audiences, productions must rely primarily on spectacle, shock and awe to succeed.

Endpoint Theatre believes differently.

We believe that audiences respond positively to shows that emphasize the message, the music, the dance, the imagery, the interpretation, in short, the artistry of performance not the effects that surround it. We feel that shows produced in this manner are more sustainable over time from an environmental, artistic and social standpoint. We are convinced that this type of musical theatre experience establishes a healthy relationship between the performers and audience while helping the playwright/composer’s message penetrate hearts and minds.

Endpoint Theatre is a not-for-profit corporation. By making a donation of any amount, you can help our theatre continue to bring new works and a new perspective to Chicago and beyond, Donate today. Thanks to all for your many good wishes and support!

You can reach us at 312.841.7545. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us via e-mail.